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Daniel G
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I have a deep passion for crossfit and coaching.  I have been a crossfitter for about 4 years now; and I still remember the first CF workout, as well as the aftermath.  Thereafter, my goal was to learn as much as possible about becoming a strong athlete, luckily there is a vast amount of information online which you can learn from (and I can't forget the countless hours on youtube!). I gladly would like to share my knowledge with my fellow crossfitters and make them better athletes and people, in addition, learn new ideas and methods to further enjoy this sport.
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CFP Coach and former fitness model
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Aaron has a resume that is broad and impressive! He is a CrossFit Regionals Judge, NLI CrossFit Judge and is a CrossFit Level 1 Coach, CrossFit Movement & Mobility Coach, TRX Certified Instructor, and has ASFA CPT & Nesta Mix Martial Arts Conditioning Certifications under his belt. He has an extensive fitness and nutrition background along with an impressive martial arts background as well. He has trained in Jeet Kun Do, Praying Mantis Kung Fu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, American Kick Boxing and currently  Silat!
(CFP Head Coach)
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I've been a fitness enthusiast since 2006, flipping through pages of muscle & fitness magazines not so much how to look like that, but who are the brains that guide these bodybuilders and eventually turned my passion into my profession 1st being certified fitness trainer by the ISSA and a Group trainer using TRX suspension training. I first heard about CrossFit through others who were friends that were bored of the same old routine of training body parts, with no goal except lower body fat and bigger pecs, not that there's anything wrong but it did lack a fun factor to it! So, after being invited to watch a crossfit competition and found the “community” side. Cheering, laughing, having fun while athletes layed everything out on the floor. All fired up and ready to try my first WOD thinking 'Ive been training for a few years, I got this...' Can't remember what the WOD was but gasping for air on the floor was a new place for me but it was fun!:) And lets do it again tomorrow.

Constantly varying Olympic lifting, Calisthenics, Gymnastics, Cardio together at High Intensity sounds like fun to me! See you soon!

(CFP Coach)